New Driver Tags - Modern Design - Multiple Colors Available


A little tongue-in-cheek and meant for a smile, these tags let your new driver know you want them to be safe but also acknowledge that they need to start making their own decisions. (And maybe they’re old enough for you to use a swear word or two around them.) Send them out on the road knowing that you are with them always. Each anodized aluminum tag is engraved with a funny or touching phrase, meant to send them out the door with love.

  • The New Driver Pack features 3 fun phrases engraved on aluminum tags - choose 1 or all 3!
  • Multiple colors available!
  • Available individually or as a set of 3, and every tag comes with a stainless steel wire cable keychain, so they can hang all together or separately.
  • Hang from a keychain, rearview mirror, backpack, sports bag, luggage, zipper, and more!
  • Great for Christmas stocking stuffers.
  • Perfectly sized for Easter egg or basket stuffers.

Verses read:

  • Drive safe (I fucking love you)
  • Don’t drive like an idiot (I need you here with me)
  • Make good decisions (This world needs you)

Size: 1.125” x 2” tag with approx. 1.5” diameter wire cable keychain


    FOR STANDARD METAL AND WOOD INVITATIONS: Please allow 2 business days for your initial PDF proof via email. Please allow 4-6 weeks from the date of final approval for delivery of your invitations. 

    FOR CUSTOM AND CORPORATE INVITATIONS: Please allow at least 8 weeks to create your invitations (longer, if possible): 2 weeks for the design phase and 6 weeks for the manufacturing and fulfillment phase.

    FOR CUSTOMIZED GIFT PRODUCTS: Customized gift products are made to order. Please allow 3-5 business days for shipping.

    FOR NON-CUSTOMIZED GIFT PRODUCTS: All non-customized gift products will ship within 3 business days of purchase. 

    • Engraved aluminum tag with wire cable keychain.
    • Every tag comes with a keychain - 3 packs contain 3 keychains.

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